Sex in Barcelona
21 May 2020

Love reading and travel. Lived in Asia for several years. Enjoy conversation on a variety of topics. Or just zoning out quietly together and enjoying the time.

There is nothing like an experience with me. The spaces we co-create are forever our shared secret. Languid moments in time alternated with pulse-quickening connections are the energy and rhythm of life in the big city.

I enjoy sex in Barcelona, good food and drink, dancing the night away to new wave, and divulging in the more exotic venues that nightlife has to offer. How about you? I’m an avid traveler having explored almost 50 countries across 4 continents. I enjoy different cultures and learning new languages.

I’m just an old soul with a kindred heart who wants to do and see more. Who’s not afraid of pushing life to the limit and never shy from an adventure. I enjoy thoughtful intellectual conversations and I love to laugh. I’m a hopeless romantic and meticulous by nature and can hone in on the little details and cues your mind and soul give off.